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Getting Into the Online Showroom

The Online Showroom offers easy website add-on tools to attract shoppers such as: buttons, pop-ups, links, banners, full landing pages and more. All are available as one-click add-ons from your ecommerce platform of choice.

Your shoppers can also join the Online Showroom from outside your website. Offer easy access from email campaigns, email signatures, social and display campaigns, and more.

Product Demo

The Online Showroom automatically connects to your product feed and offers sellers easy access to high quality product imagery, product comparisons and other valuable sales information

Custom Shareable Media Library

Sellers can pre-build media libraries with videos, images, PDFs, and other types of high quality content to easily present to shoppers during the sales process

Co-Browse Together

The Online Showroom lets you bring your pre-existing website into the experience while still staying within the full-screen customer/Seller video conversation. The Seller and the shopper can then work together to navigate and engage with your site

Bring Your AR Capabilities Into the Showroom

If you have invested in AR, the Online Showroom will arm your Sellers with the ability to take shoppers through that experience together


Sellers can help shoppers through the purchasing process inside of the Online Showroom, letting them close deals on the spot and generate higher conversions while adhering to PCI compliance

Seller Tools and Admin

Feel provides a set of tools to help your Sellers perfect the sales process including:

A guided sales process: built by the brand to ensure a repeatable and successful sales process every time

Unique Seller links and rooms: can be used independently of the website

Scheduling automation: book virtual appointments with ease

Admin tool: view all video sessions, get analytics, and track performance lift

Online Showroom Benefits

Easy to add

one click and you’re up and running

Our virtual Showroom means

• No need for physical inventory
• No need to build expensive real-life showrooms
• Infinite scale - grow your “online-store” as large as your traffic allows

Proven performance increases with customers reporting 2x AOV, +50% conversions, and legions of satisfied customers

Easy & Seamless Integrations