Feel believes that the human connections between shoppers and experts are at the heart of every high consideration product purchase.

Starting Feel

Feel began its journey in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world of retail hard and changed shopping behavior forever. When the pandemic all but eliminated the vital interactions between in-store associates and consumers, Feel’s founders saw an opportunity to help retail and ecommerce executives’ fill that void.

As retailers across the country closed tens of thousands of stores, one million retail employee jobs were eliminated. This left shoppers without the help of sales associates and sales associates without a job or the desire to return to the in-store retail environment.

Feel has designed its products and services to solve that challenge. We create human connections between online buyers and Sales Experts. We provide shoppers with the personalized assistance needed to FEEL connected. FEEL supported. And FEEL confident in their purchase decisions.

Empowering remote workers everywhere

Feel is enabling remote workers to realize their potential by creating a Community of online Sales Experts, designed to quickly help brands and shoppers complete purchases. We empower these global remote Sales Experts to work from home on their own terms and represent brands and products they’re passionate about.

Feel imagines a world where our Community of Experts is available to support every high consideration purchase made online.

Helping shoppers make buying decisions faster and more successfully

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 88% of shoppers preferred to make high consideration purchases in the store. Consumers enjoy the experience with sales experts, seeing the product and making a more qualified purchase decision. Shoppers also purchase 80% more after talking to a sales associate.

The challenge consumers are facing is that this experience of human connection  doesn’t currently exist for online purchases. Feel is on a mission to recreate that experience with overwhelming support from shoppers, resulting in 90% leaving a raving review after using its Showroom and communicating with its Experts.

Helping online businesses differentiate

Feel helps businesses navigate the permanent shift in consumer shopping behavior by recreating the personal in-store experience online. This ensures brands are able to offer the expert-driven sales experience of offline stores, while differentiating their offerings from mass online retailers like Amazon. Brands are then empowered to reach their full online revenue potential, improve conversion rates, and limit the frustration of cart abandonment.

About Feel

Feel is headquartered in NY and has product & technology offices in Palo Alto and Israel.

The company is working with some of the most successful online brands in the world such as Brilliant Earth, Honda, GlassesUSA and more. The company was founded by veteran entrepreneurs Oren Harnevo, Sharon Segev and Avi Revivo and is venture backed by Rho & Viola Ventures, Skype’s ex-CEO and other industry executives.

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