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The Challenge

As COVID hit and stores were closing, Ruti had to find a way to transfer its sales associate-driven, in-store experience to the online world. The Ruti stores had great stylists that worked closely with their customers and had great relationships with them.

Ruti tried Zoom and FaceTime for a few months with minor success, however, the experience wasn’t good enough and was clunky to integrate with Ruti’s Shopify store and products. These tools only offered meetings by appointment with no options to connect instantly.

The Solution

Using Shopify, Ruti was able to easily and instantly add Feel’s Online Showroom and utilize a remote Sales Expert to sit at corporate or at home to take calls. Ruti has now integrated the Showroom into their homepage with a pop-up and into product pages with buttons calling for shoppers to “talk to a stylist.”

Ruti consumers loved the Showroom. They were also missing the human connection they received at stores and had wonderful sessions with Ruti’s stylists online. The shoppers purchased twice as many items via the Showroom and left raving feedback:

“Great service. Allisyn was terrific.”

“Yes, first time virtually shopping!  What a great experience with Pavlina! She helped me with a return question and some styling advice. Great service!”

“Yes. Allisyn Miele is fabulous.  Gave great advice, and walked me through the process confidently and helpfully. Thank you Allisyn.”

“Yes! The experience was very personable and professional and I look forward to more style calls. Thank you!”
See How Feel Can Improve Your Online Sales Experience

The Feel showroom aligns with the vision we're implementing in our business to support the move from offline to online. We want it to be the only way our consumers communicate with our sellers

Ruti Zisser CEO

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