Ruti is a high-end, Silicon Valley-based, on- and offline boutique with stores across the country.


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An innovative startup developing smart tech monitoring devices that allow parents to be more in tune with their growing baby.
Feel made it easy, operationally and financially, to build our team of experts. Our team works closely with the sellers on our site; they’ve become experts on our product, work well with our support teams and drive great incremental revenue
Sarah Dorsett, CEO

What are consumers saying:

“Libby was amazing and it was wonderful not having to talk to a robot. That alone made me want to buy from Nanit!”

“I was not expecting to see a real live human on the other end! Such a pleasant surprise and next level customer service”
91% Positive
9% Neutral
0% Negative
Dr. Comfort is a medical devices company that provides orthopedic shoes and orthotic footwear.
What I like about Feel is that it’s a turnkey solution that brings traditional personalized retail shopping experience to an online store
Nimesh Porbandarwalla, VP Marketing & Strategy

What are consumers saying:

Brittany was so knowledgeable & immediately made me feel comfortable. Making my decision was so much easier with her help!

I hate the guesswork that comes with buying online, seeing what I was buying on the live video chat was super reassuring!
91% Positive
9% Neutral
0% Negative

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