Ruti is a high-end, Silicon Valley-based, on- and offline boutique with stores across the country.


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An innovative startup developing smart tech monitoring devices that allow parents to be more in tune with their growing baby.
Feel made it easy, operationally and financially, to build our team of experts. Our team works closely with the sellers on our site; they’ve become experts on our product, work well with our support teams and drive great incremental revenue
Sarah Dorsett, CEO

What are consumers saying:

“Libby was amazing and it was wonderful not having to talk to a robot. That alone made me want to buy from Nanit!”

“I was not expecting to see a real live human on the other end! Such a pleasant surprise and next level customer service”
91% Positive
9% Neutral
0% Negative
Dr. Comfort is a medical devices company that provides orthopedic shoes and orthotic footwear.
What I like about Feel is that it’s a turnkey solution that brings traditional personalized retail shopping experience to an online store
Nimesh Porbandarwalla, VP Marketing & Strategy

What are consumers saying:

Brittany was so knowledgeable & immediately made me feel comfortable. Making my decision was so much easier with her help!

I hate the guesswork that comes with buying online, seeing what I was buying on the live video chat was super reassuring!
91% Positive
9% Neutral
0% Negative

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How nanit - a smart baby monitors company increased AOV by over 27%




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The Nanit baby monitor is more than a camera — it's a sleep tracker that benefits the baby and the whole family. Nanit uses legit, personalized data backed by science to help families stay informed and connected. Their DTC gear, mobile app, and ever-evolving research lab have been voted best-in-class for years by Wirecutter, Parents, and Babylist.

The Challenge

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New Nanit customers were looking for extra assistance during the online shopping experience

Nanit is focused on excellence – just as they strive to provide the best baby monitors on the market, they also were looking to supercharge their sales. According to Sara Teplick from Nanit, they had a steady stream of customers on their site, so they wanted to ensure potential buyers were receiving the best online help available. They were hoping to minimize three points of customer concern:

  1. Nanit’s product price point ranges on the higher end of the baby monitor industry
  2. Buying for your baby is a personal and intimate experience
  3. In the baby monitor industry, customers do even more comparison research than usual

Because of these factors, Nanit works to provide shoppers with all of the necessary information and personalized sales treatment so that they feel comfortable making their purchase. That white-glove online experience differentiates Nanit from other baby monitor companies in the industry. 

So, when they came across Feel, they saw an opportunity to add value to their customer experience and increase their services offerings. 

The Solution

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Feel’s personalized offering helps increase sales and order conversion

For Feel’s team to be able to deliver a high-touch level of sales assistance for Nanit, they needed in-depth product knowledge and expertise. Here’s the process Feel uses to become an extension of any team:

  • Onboarding that includes interviews, brand and product training and testing, the creation of knowledge guides, and CRM and messaging platform (like Slack) integration—as much or as little as a client needs.
  • Regular touchpoints, ongoing product launch and promo training, and full access to metrics and sales conversations.
  • Insights and ideas based on customer interactions and sales expert feedback, such as FAQs or bundling opportunities.

Feel’s seamless sales expertise has been a major value-add for the Nanit eCommerce experience, given how the service increased active engagement with new prospective customers. 

Feel’s sales solution helps customers buy the right product, allowing Nanit’s customer service team to focus on order management and troubleshooting inquiries. Nanit tested out their partnership with Feel with one or two sellers, but quickly ramped up their number of sellers and service channels. This growth of their relationship was valuable on both ends: 

  1. Nanit customers got a better and better experience.
  2. The time and energy of Nanit’s customer support was freed up to focus on the post-purchase experience.

"Not leveraging Feel would have been a missed opportunity. When a customer wants to speak with an expert, it is so important to have a rep available."

"Feel definitely adds value to our brand. It's a service we didn't offer before, so the value-add is entirely novel. Since Feel has been live on our site, customers are engaging with it for that hands-on online shopping experience that we're trying to curate."

Sara Teplick

From Nanit

The Results

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Feel increases customer conversations and conversion with no additional overhead

Since implementing Feel, Nanit has experienced a surge in customer engagement. Chatting with Feel sales experts works especially well for customers shopping on mobile, which is critical since most eCom traffic trends higher on mobile devices. 

Plus, the increased traffic from mobile users has allowed Nanit to add even more sellers and increase hours to help an even more extensive, diverse set of customers. Take a look at the metrics Nanit has driven — thanks to Feel: 

  • 31% conversion to purchase rate
  • 27% AOV lift
  • $155k gross sales last quarter

"Sales support is such an integral part of the customer experience, and having an additional sales support outlet on our DTC website improves the shopping journey for both us as a brand and our potential buyers.” 

The Future

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Feel prioritizes improving customer experience at every touchpoint

Sara and the Nanit team look forward to continuing their partnership with Feel because the companies have been able to scale together. In fact, the Feel team directly mirrors the brand’s ethos of offering stronger and stronger services over time. 

Plus, Feel is committed to their partnerships and will work with any other tool or service on a brand’s website to create a cohesive experience.

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